Automatic Sprinkler System

Don’t Send Money Down the Drain: 

Water Smart and Save This Summer

Using an automated irrigation system is one of the best ways to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy while minimizing water waste. Make time this summer to ensure you’re getting the most out of your irrigation system while keeping utility bills low and helping to protect the environment.
Much of that water can be wasted due to inefficient or poorly maintained irrigation systems. Learn how an irrigation audit can save you a lot of water while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.

The Benefits of Automated Sprinkler Systems:

  • SAVE TIME: Your system will do all the watering for you. You’ll never have to drag a hose all over the yard, never have to try and figure out if you’ve applied enough or too much water, and never have to worry about watering the lawn while you’re away
  • SAVE WATER: An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand. Water just evaporates 40% in the middle of the day. Watering should be done in the early morning hours and/or evening to let the ground absorb the water
  • SAVE MONEY: Your water bills will be lowered and your plants will live longer. Cost-effective way to beautify your properties, increase its value, and save yourself time and money
  • SAVE HEALTH: Watering by hand under the heat of the sun can cause sun burn, heat stroke and skin cancer